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Squid Jig Sample 19

Squid Jig Sample 19
Product Name : Squid Jig Sample 19

Squid Jig Fishing Lures


For Squid Jig Fishing Lure, it is For Tuna Fishing. For all Squid Jig Lures, Can be Produced with Different Material, Such as ABC Plastic Material, Wood Material, Lead and Alloy Material and so on. For Color of the Squid Jig Lures, it Can Be Painted Colors, Cloth Coated, or Laser Paper UV Color and so on. There are So Many Different Kinds in Both Shape, Color and Sizes. It Can Also Be Pained with Luminous Material, Which is Well Attracted the Target Fish in Night.


As for the Hooks Fixed on the Squid Jig Lures, Mostly Are Made of High Strength Carbon Material. There are one layer Squid Hooks and Two Layers Hooks that Decided by Customer. Also There Different Hooks Will Much Affect the Swimming Action itself.


For Packages of the Squid Jigs, generally are Plastic Box Package With Cards Inside. OEM Logo Printed is OK.

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