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Fishing Float Sample 010

Fishing Sample 010
Product Name : Fishing Float Sample 010

  Generally, Fishing Floats is Necessary During Our Sea Fishing.If We Can Select the Right Floats Will Much Influence Our Fishing Result. Also, We Should Much Consider About The Fishing Area, Weather Temperature,Fish Species and So On!



  The Function of Fishing Floats

1. Pass the Fishing Information and Confirm If There is Fish Caught;

2. Make Sure the Position and the Distance of the Baits and the Fishing Sinkers. Control the    Distance it Needed;

3. Make Sure the Depth and the Position of the Bait with the Fishing Hooks;

4. From the Floats Position and Swimming Actions We Can Make Sure the Fish Species and Sizes.


  The Advantages of Our Fishing Floats OEM Produced

1. Vertical Fishing Floats, Which is Vertical Float in Water During Fishing. When there is Fish Caught, the Float will Be Up and Down Obviously. This Kind of Float is Very Common and Flexible;

2. Horizontal Fishing Floats, It is Horizontal On Water During Fishing. This Float is Mostly Ellipse Shape that Can Well-Resist the Storm Of Sea;

3. Ball Fishing Float,Which is Stably Stay on Water Surface.When the Bait was Bite,The Float Will Traverse Or Move Up and Down. This Float is Mostly Used for Float Fishing.

4. Special Fishing Float,Which Designed With New Technology Such as Luminous Fishing Float,Electron Induction Fishing Floats and So On.

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