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Squid Skirt Lure Sample 15

Squid Skirt Lure Sample 15
Product Name : Squid Skirt Lure Sample 15

          Squid Skirt Fishing Lures

1.The Material of the Squid Skirt Fishing Lures is Soft Plastic PVC Material;
2.The Whole Length of the Squid Skirts Lures Can Be 1", 1.5",2",2.5",3",3.5",4",4.5",5" or Any other Length that Based on Customers' Prefer;
3.The Diameter of the Squid Skirts Head Can be Any that Based on Customers' Demands;
4.Double Layers or Treble Layers of the Skirts Lures are Worable to be Produced;
5.Special Shape and Designing of the Squid Skirt Lures are Workable to be Made;
6.For Same Size and Length of the Skirts Lures with Different Colors, the Price will be Same;

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