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O-Shape Three Way Rolling Swivels TFFS-1019

O-Shape Three Way Rolling Swivels TFFS-1019
Product Name : O-Shape Three Way Rolling Swivels TFFS-1019
Product ID : TFFS-1019

  Fishing Swivels,Snaps are Two of the Most Important Parts of the Whole Fishing Suit.It is the Connector of Baits and Rods.Different Fishing Swivels and Snaps and Color can Be White Nickle,Black Nickle,Golden and So On!


  For Fishing Swivel Products, the Material Can Be Stainless Steel and High Strength Carbon Steel. This can Be Selected Based on Different Requirements.For Different Sizes,the Strength, Flexbilityand Rusty Avoid Ability Will All Be Different!


  For Special Sizes and Colors of the Swivels and Snaps, It Can Be OEM Produced!


  Generally, For Fishing Swivel and Snaps, the Package Can Be Bulk Package,Plastic Bags with Cards Package. Also it Can Be OEM Package With Logo or Lables Printed!

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