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Maggot Soft Lure Catalogue 7

Maggot Soft Lure Catalogue 7
Product Name : Maggot Soft Lure Catalogue 7

Maggot Soft Lure


Maggot Soft Lure is a Kind of Soft Lure that Specially Designed Both in Color and Shape. Generally, they are Together Used with Jig Head for Fishing.Different Sizes and Colors and Shapes Can Be Produced. For the Material of the Maggot Soft Lure, it is Environment Friendly Plastic Material that Good Elasticity for keeping the Shape. Both Single Color and Multi-Color is OK for Producing.

There We Can OEM produced the Soft Maggot Lure Both Based on Shape, Color and Package. It is Workable to Produce Based on Samples that Our Customers Provided.

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